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How To Run for Local Public Office: Glenview

Make a Difference: Get Elected to Local Public Office in Glenview

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our educational forum "How To Run For Public Office in Glenview".  We had over 45 people attend the event.   Attendees got an overview of the process for getting on the ballot, with a focus on the state requirements and Cook County resources


Then, elected representatives from various governmental entities that impact Glenview addressed the audience.  Each speaker spoke about their board, the time commitment involved, and their passion for volunteering to help the community.  It was an amazing night and Glenview should be proud of having such dedicated representatives on the various boards.


Tom Robb concluded the evening with a wide range of important tips and suggestions for candidates.  You can download his suggestions here


Glenview Village Board of Trustees: Trustee Adam Sidoti

Glenview Public Library Board of Trustees: President Allan Ruter

Glenview Park District Board of Commissioners: Commissioner Jennifer Roberts

New Trier Township High School District 203 School Board of Education: Board Member Avik Das

Glenview School District 34 Board of Education: Board Member Mike Korman

Avoca School District 37 Board of Education: Board Member Gil Gibori

Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education: Board Member Skip Shein

Village Board of Trustee Candidate for Glenview Next Party: Paul Brancky

Glenview Journal: Tom Robb

If you are thinking about running, it's time to get started.  If you'd like information from the League of Women Voters, contact us. Remember, the next local election is April 4, 2023.  

Our daily lives are greatly affected by local government decisions like property and sales taxes, building codes, development, snow plowing, street paving, and school curriculum, to name a few. The best way to influence these decisions is to get elected to a local board.  

As a starting point, here are the links to the League's "How-To" Guide to Local Government: Glenview.


Section 1: Local Government.  It Matters

Section 2:  A Roadmap to Civic Engagement

Section 3: The Village of Glenview

Section 4: Advocating for Your Issue

Section 5: Taking the Plunge: Becoming an Elected or Appointed Official

Section 6: Watching the Dollars: Glenview Finances

Section 7: Beyond the Village: Other Units of Local Government

Section 8: Cook County Government

Section 9: Beyond Local Government: State and Federal Representatives

Section 10:  Your Most Important Responsibility: Vote!

Appendix A:  A Closer Look at Your Property Taxes


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