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Special Interests Groups

If you are passionate about a particular issue, becoming an Issues Specialist may be the way to go.  

Join A Special Interest group! 

Our Special Interest groups build upon positions taken at the national and state level and have an impact beyond our local communities.  Our League pursues an issue because we have members who share an interest and are willing to devote time.

Special Interests support by LWVIL

Here is a list of the special interests supported by the state League. 

  • Campaign Finance Reform 

  • Abolish Electoral College 

  • Government Consolidation

  • Census

  • Election Law

  • Redistricting

  • Elimination of Discrimination Against Women

  • Climate Change

  • Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice

  • Affordable Housing

  • Fiscal Policy

  • Gun Violence Prevention

  • Health Care


What You Might Do in a Special Interest Group


As a member of a Special Interest group, you might: 


  • Follow legislation

  • Submit TFA (Time for Action), call Legislators, file Witness Slips

  • Attend Coalition Meetings

  • Make presentations or suggest speakers for local Leagues

  • Prepare reports monthly

LWV GG Special Interests

Our League is very active in the issues of Criminal Justice, Redistricting, and Gun Violence Prevention. 

If you want to learn more about any of these issues and become a specialist in any of these issues or the state issues, contact us.

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