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Civic Education in Schools

Knowledge of our system of governance and our rights and responsibilities as citizens is not passed along through the gene pool. Each generation of Americans must be taught these basics.



Foundation of a Well-Functioning Democracy

Civic education and civil discourse are at the very core of the League’s work. An active and informed citizenry is the foundation of a well-functioning democracy, and the League devotes much of its activity to ensuring that citizens have access to the information, skills, and resources to play an active role in their government.

Civic Education in Schools

The League of Women Voters Glenview-Glencoe works to ensure that students in our community are informed about our electoral system and the civic responsibility to vote.

Presentations to Civics Classes: "How To" Guide to Local Government

Our League visits local civics classes in Glenview and makes a presentation to the students about local government.  Lots of fun and interaction!  Contact us to learn more about our presentation or if you want a copy. 

If you are interested in a presentation in your school, contact us

School Bus

Mock Elections


Every General Election, our League sponsors a mock election in local high schools.  

Civics Activities for Middle School Students


In Spring 2019, legislation to require a semester of civics within grades 6, 7, or 8 (Public Act 101-0254), passed the Illinois General Assembly with bipartisan supermajorities in both chambers. Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the bill into law in Summer 2019, with the middle school mandate set to be implemented beginning with the 2020-21 school year.

Our League wanted to provide a hands-on resource of activities to help District 34 middle school students at both Attea and Springman Middle Schools learn about civics education.  This project was done in conjunction with the celebration of the League of Women Voters Centennial Year.  

We invite you to download the Activity Book here. (

Note: The Activity Book was written in 2021.  Since then, John D'Amico has retired and his replacement is Michael Kelly. This information has not been updated in the Activity Book and there may be a few additional details that are not current. 

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