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New Member Mentors

Help a new member feel welcome.

Be a League "Buddy" for a New Member

If you enjoy meeting new members and welcoming them into the League, then this project is for you.  No meetings, no reports.  Just making a new member feel welcome. 

What will you do? 


As new members join the League, you'll be assigned a "newbie".  Here are some ways to help them navigate the League.


  • Connect with them on the phone or in-person and talk to them about why they joined the League and what their interests are. 

  • Show them the League Information page on the website, review the content, and answer any questions. 

  • Make sure they are getting the Weekly Update and the Voter Challenge.

  • Invite them to upcoming events.

  • If you are together at face-to-face events, greet them and introduce them around.  Make certain to connect them with other Leaguers who share their interests. 


How long do I mentor? 

We are suggesting you stay connected for about a year or until you feel the "newbie" understands the League and how to get involved. 


Contact us.

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