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Get Involved

Being part of our League is a great way to get involved in the community,

meet amazing people, and play an active role in our democracy. 

Get involved 


Our League works because of our members.  LWVGG offers a wide range of opportunities to get involved. We're flexible; give as much time as you can.  Contact us with questions. 

Join One of Our Committees

Check out our many committees including Voter Services, Social, Good Government and more!  

Become an Issues Specialist

Become an expert in specific issues such as gun violence, criminal justice, redistricting and more! 

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Become an Observer

Attend local board meetings on behalf of the League and submit reports to keep members informed.

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Become a New Member Mentor

Help new members navigate the League by becoming a mentor during their first year of membership.

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Submit a

Witness Slip

Make your voice heard about key pieces of legislature in Springfield.   This is important to do. 

Attend Our Events

Our League offers a variety of fun activities that are a great way to meet other members

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