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Learn what our government is doing and

 monitor the meetings to ensure they are conducted in an open and transparent way. 

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Be Part of the Right To Know

If you are looking for a way to become involved in local government, consider the possibility of participation in our Observer Corps.  The National League has published a booklet that describes the work of this group called Protecting Your Right To Know.  It says “Protecting our right to know is integral to the health of our democracy. Decisions that determine how our schools will be run, at what level community safety programs will be funded, and how land in our towns will be used to impact our lives are vital to our well-being. These kinds of decisions need to be made with public input and oversight. One important way to ensure that is to observe government meetings."


The League has been a champion of government transparency since its founding in 1920. It is one of our core principles and a vital part of our mission. Our efforts in this area reinforce our reputation of fairness, nonpartisanship, and trust. League members attend governmental meetings to learn what their government is doing and to monitor whether those meetings are conducted in an open and transparent way. Experience has shown the importance of the League being present to watch—and to take action when necessary.

We currently observe Boards in Glenview, Northbrook, and Northfield Township.  Interested in becoming an Observer?  Contact us.

Glenview Observers 

Village Board

District 34 School Board

Park District Board (position open)

Library Board

New Development Commission

Development Adjustments Commission

Environment and Natural Resources Commission

School Board District 225

Northbrook Observers

Village Board (1x/mo)

Plan Commission (1x/mo)

School Board District 27

School Board District 28

Community Commission (new)

Sustainability Commission

Floater (as needed)

Northbrook Township

Township Board

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