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Committees are a great way to get involved with lots of options. 

Join A Committee! 

Take a look at our different committees and find one that matches your interests and passion. 

Voter Services
Our committee focuses on voter election participation, voter education, and election impact (get out the vote). No two elections are the same whether a general election in the even years (primary and general for federal and state offices) or a consolidated election in the odd years (primary and general for local representatives including Illinois General Assembly, townships, and local boards.) There are many ways to help with voter services.  Interested?  Contact us
Chair: Sue Swaringen

Good Government
LWVGG encourages good government in several ways:  civic education, observer corps, and government interactions.  We aim for understanding, transparency, accountability, and access. Want to be an observer?  Join or Civic Education group?  Or sign up to contact government officials?  Contact us

Chair: TBD

Inclusive Communities: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our League is committed to pursuing deliberate efforts to ensure that our League and our communities are welcoming, that different perspectives are heard, and that every individual feels a sense of belonging.  Recently, we have advocated for affordable housing, antiracism, and LBGTQ rights.  If diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice are your passion, contact us. 

Chair: Sue Gregory


Membership has the important role of encouraging people to join the League, helping new members onboard, and then making them feel welcome.  We host new member events and have just started a New Member Mentor Program, where members serve as League "buddies" for new members. Interested in helping new members get started and feel welcome?  Contact us.

Chair: Mary Hummel


We LOVE our social events.  We enjoy getting together and connecting with current and new members. We offer a variety of fun events such as our Annual Holiday Gala, our Summer Social, and Annual Meeting. Our events currently are a mix of face-to-face and online. If you like getting people to connect and have fun while doing it, this committee is for you! Interested?  Contact us.

Chairs: Tara Call and Sarah Lane-Hill


Programs are opportunities for the League members to learn about important issues through speaker presentations, discussions, etc.  We offer our own programs in person and online and, at times, partner with local organizations to increase the impact of our work.   If you've got ideas for programs or would like to help our programs be successful, contact us.

Chairs: Tara Call and Sarah Lane-Hill

Environment and Sustainability

This committee educates and advocates for environmental protection, preserving and enhancing our natural environment, fighting climate change and related human health impacts. The LWVUS and LWVIL policy documents guide our work. Interested?  Contact us.

Chair: TBD


Are you interested in writing? Can you design?  Like to edit? We're looking for Leaguers who want to work on emails, the Weekly Update, the Voter Challenge, press releases, and other important aspects of communication.  Interested?  Contact us.

Chair:  TBD

Interested in joining our Board? 

Contact us.   

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