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Section 8: Cook County Government

About Cook County Government

Glenview is part of Cook County, the second-most populous county in the United States. The County’s population of approximately 5.2 million represents more than 40 percent of all Illinois residents.


Board of Commissioners


Cook County is governed by a 17-member Board of Commissioners who are elected for four-year terms. Unlike many local government entities, the County does have specific districts. Each district is represented by a Commissioner who runs affiliated with a political party. Voters choose from candidates who run for their specific district. While most of Glenview is located in the 14th  district,  East Glenview is located in the 13th district with some of West Glenview located in the 9th District. Elections are held during the November General Election cycle.

The Cook County Board also serves as the Forest Preserve Board which manages and programs 70,000 acres of nature, recreation, and cultural areas.

To make your voice heard, start by contacting your local Commissioner.   Each has a staff dedicated to solving constituent issues.  Based on what you heard from the Commissioner, you might want to attend one of the public meetings.

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Section 9: Beyond Local Level–State and Federal Government

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