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Section 9: State and Federal Representatives

Beyond the Local Governments

Glenview residents are all represented by a variety of elected representatives at the state and national level.  All have local offices as well as offices in either Springfield or Washington DC. To advocate for an issue, it is important to know if the concern is better addressed at the local, state, or federal level and then reach out to your representative to make your voice heard.

Within the Village of Glenview, residents may live in one of four Illinois House districts (15, 17, 18, and 57), one of three Illinois Senate districts (8, 9, 29), and one of two U.S. House Districts (9, 10). 


We have two at-large U.S. Senators.

Look up your elected state and federal government representatives.

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Section 10: Your Most Important Responsibility–Vote in ALL Elections

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