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"How To" Guide to Civic Engagement: Glenview


The League of Women Voters of Glenview-Glencoe offers this guide as a way to introduce Glenview residents to local government.  Our goal is to educate residents about the many government entities that impact daily life in Glenview and how to interact with them.  For example, in this guide, you will learn the answer to these questions:

  • How do you speak at a Village Commission or  Board of Trustees meeting to address an issue of concern?

  • How are the Library Board and Park District Board different from the Village Board?

  • How do you run for local office or Board?

  • How does the Village use your property taxes?


We hope this guide serves as a useful tool that encourages all Glenview residents to become more engaged with local civic life.


Section 1: Local Government.  It Matters

Section 2:  A Roadmap to Civic Engagement

Section 3: The Village of Glenview

Section 4: Advocating for Your Issue

Section 5: Taking the Plunge: Becoming an Elected or Appointed Official

Section 6: Watching the Dollars: Glenview Finances

Section 7: Beyond the Village: Other Units of Local Government

Section 8: Cook County Government

Section 9: Beyond Local Government: State and Federal Representatives

Section 10:  Your Most Important Responsibility: Vote!

Appendix A:  A Closer Look at Your Property Taxes


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