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Section 1: Local Government.  It Matters

Local Government does matter. 

Should that stop sign be on your corner? Does it make sense to widen that road? Is affordable housing an important part of the housing matrix? Should that empty land be developed or preserved as open space?

From small decisions to major initiatives, the Village of Glenview and other public entities serving this North Shore suburb make decisions on our behalf that define the shape of our community.

Yet many of us pay little attention to local government. While it is important to focus on state and national policies, civic engagement on the local level is also critical. Thinking globally but acting locally is the key to creating a community that truly represents and responds to residents.

Here’s why:

  • Decisions made on the local level impact our lives most directly.

  • Millions of tax dollars are spent every year by locally elected boards.

  • Rallying support or opposition for local issues is easier at the local level.

  • Advocating for changes in local laws is likely to have a higher success rate.

  • Gaining access to local elected leaders and holding them accountable is easier as they rely far more heavily on the local voter base.


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Section 2:  A Road to Civic Engagement


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