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Joining the League of Women Voters is a great way to get involved in your community

and play an active role in our democracy. 

Student Membership: Join or Renew


Thank you for joining or renewing your membership to the League of Women Voters of Glenview-Glencoe as a student. Questions? Read our FAQs.   Please complete and submit the form below. 

Membership Fees

Student Membership (Join or Renew):  $35*

*Plus a $3 credit card processing fee

IMPORTANT: After you enter your personal information and click the red Join or Renew button, you will land on the PayPal payment window.  

(1) Click the YELLOW PayPal Checkout button. 

(2) If you want to Pay with Debit or Credit card, click that link (at the bottom of the PayPal window).  

(3) You will then be directed to the PalPal Guest Checkout window.  Pay with your preferred credit card.  

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