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Section 2: A Roadmap to Civic Engagement

Become Engaged in Local Government


So where do you start? How do you become an educated resident about local issues and make your voice heard here in Glenview? This “how-to” guide will help you have an impact on your community and advocate for the issues that are important to you.  The guide will help you learn who makes decisions, how to support or oppose ideas, where your property tax money goes, and how to get involved with local government.

Home Rule

It is important to note that Glenview is a “home rule” community.  This means the Village Board can adopt certain types of local laws (called ordinances) and taxes.  Home rule also allows the village to opt out of certain types of county ordinances and state laws.

Incorporated vs. Unincorporated

For the purposes of this guide, the term “Village” refers to the incorporated municipal government, not the general area of Glenview served by many governmental units. There are also unincorporated areas within and surrounding the Village of Glenview. Residents in these areas don’t pay Village taxes and therefore don’t receive Village services, with the exception of the Fire Department. They are primarily governed and serviced by Cook County.

Glenview Interactive Map

Guide Table of Contents

Section 3: Local Government–Village of Glenview


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