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Section 7: Beyond the Village -- Other Units of Local Government

Multiple Units of Local Government

As noted in Section 1, the Village has a specific and limited sphere of influence. There are multiple units of local government that Glenview residents interact with frequently that you’ll see referenced on your property tax bill.  From the Park District to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, these agencies get a share of your tax dollars, provide services, and have their own elected officials who generally serve without compensation (there are exceptions).

Just as with the Village Board:

  • Board meetings are open to the public.

  • Candidates run at large and generally on a non-partisan basis (see below for exceptions).

  • Elections are generally held as part of the April Consolidated Elections (see below for exceptions).

  • Terms tend to be staggered so that entire Boards don’t turn over at once.


Here’s a partial list; there are many more. The Illinois State Board of Elections website has helpful information about running for office for any of these Boards.

Glenview Park District 

The Glenview Park District serves more than 50,000 residents including all of Glenview and Golf, small portions of Niles, Northbrook, Northfield, Skokie, and unincorporated areas beyond the village limits. A seven-member elected Board of Commissioners provides oversight and meetings are open to the public with minutes always accessible. Commissioners serve six-year terms and are elected at each Consolidates Election.  Learn more about the Board and the nominating petitions.

Glenview Public Library

The Glenview Public Library provides services to residents within the municipal boundaries of Glenview.  It is governed by a seven-member elected Board whose Trustees are elected for four-year terms. Library Board meetings are open to the public and minutes are available.

Local School Boards

Several public K-8 and high school districts serve Glenview. Covering the largest areas are Glenview School District 34 and  Glenbrook High School District 225. Small portions of the Village are served by Northbrook School District 30, West Northfield School District 31, Avoca School District 37, Wilmette School District 39, East Maine School District 63, Maine Township High School District 207,  New Trier High School District 203, and Niles Township High School District 219.

Each has an elected seven-member school board; members serve four-year terms.  Want to run for School Board?  Contact the local school district to learn about how candidates are slated.  For example, Glenview School District 34 has a caucus to slate candidates.

Learn more about the school districts in Glenview.


Oakton Community College


Many people don’t know it, but Illinois has 39 community college districts, all of which collect tax dollars from residents. Glenview is served by Oakton Community College District 535, which also covers about a dozen other suburbs from Evanston to Winnetka. Oakton’s eight-member elected Board of Trustees serve six-year terms. One position is held by a Student Trustee who serves a shorter term.   Meetings are open to the public.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Glenview

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) is a special-purpose district. Operating in Cook County and incorporating a wide area, including Glenview, its main purpose is the reclamation and treatment of wastewater, and floodwater abatement. With a $1.2 billion annual budget and 2,000 full-time employees, MWRD is one of the largest government entities in the County.   MWRD meetings are open to the public.

The MWRD is governed by a nine-member Board of Commissioners elected for six-year terms. They do run at large, but unlike some of the other government units described here, MWRD Board members run as a member of a specific political party and are elected during the November General Elections for Cook County.  They are compensated for their work on the Board of Commissions.



Townships are positioned between a municipality and the county. Incorporated Glenview is served primarily by Northfield Township although small portions of the Village are under the auspices of the MaineNiles, and New Trier Townships. Most are governed by elected Boards of Trustees, one of whom serves as Supervisor.

Unlike many of the public entities in this Guide, the Township runs on a different leadership model. The Supervisor serves as the day-to-day manager of the Township and is compensated with a full-time salary. Since s/he is elected, the Supervisor does not report to and is not hired by the Board. Like MWRD, Board candidates run affiliated with a political party.

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