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Board Nominations


Here is an exciting way for you to contribute your many skills and talents to our League!   


The Nominating Committee is looking for interested people who would like to serve on our Board of Directors, these include two Board Officers and one Board Director.  We would like to increase the number of Directors if more than the minimum number of people express an interest in joining the Board. 

About the Board

  • The Board meets monthly (almost), lately via Zoom. 

  • All Directors maintain a portfolio of their "area of specialty" which enhances our League's range of interests and knowledge. There are many opportunities! Some of the portfolio areas include (you may be involved in one of these portfolio areas already):

    •  Good Government (Voter Services, Understanding Local Government, Government Transparency),

    • Advocacy for LWV positions (all levels of the League positions, partnerships with other Leagues and organizations)

    • Communication and Membership

    • Program Governance and Tracking Progress vs Our Goals

  • Directors serve for a 2-year term. 

Nomination Process and Key Dates

Please get in touch to ask questions or express your interest by March 1.


If you are interested in joining the LWVGG Board of Directors or want to learn more about Board opportunities, please contact Nancy Kreloff, Nominating Committee Chair, at or 847-840-8589.


You can also reach out to one of the other Nominating Committee members:


This process needs to be completed by the April Board meeting, and new directors and officers will be elected at the Annual Meeting in May.

Why Join the Board

Karen Cunningham: Treasurer

"We need to keep renewing our Board."

Ann Yoshida: former Co-President

"It's such a dynamic Board."

Our Current Board


President: Sue Swaringen
Vice President:  Sue Gregory
Secretary:  Kris Iida
Treasurer:  Karen Cunningham

Roleeta Nandan
Tara Call
Laura Sailer
Sarah Lane Hill

Our Mission
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